Take a Look at Professional Dental Zoom Whitening in Ypsilanti, MI

Several over-the-counter products are available for whitening teeth, but going to a dental clinic for this service is the best choice for guaranteeing consistent results. In addition, dental professionals can provide types of whitening processes that aren’t available in stores. Zoom Whitening in Ypsilanti MI is an example. This process uses a common hydrogen peroxide solution with a special light to speed up the effects.

Teeth Staining

People often hear about a few specific culprits that stain teeth: red wine, coffee, and black tea. However, many other substances can result in discoloration over time. Any dark liquids, including grape juice and colas, can do so. So can blueberries and soy sauce. Essentially, if a substance can cause a permanent stain on white fabric, it can also have a negative effect on white teeth.

The Process

Zoom Whitening in Ypsilanti MI begins in the dentist’s office for patients who are up-to-date on their dental exams. The peroxide gel applied is a prescription-strength concentrate. Although it’s commonly referred to as bleach, the effects don’t actually bleach teeth beyond their natural color. Instead, whitening is intended to restore the normal color of enamel that has developed discoloration over time due to eating and drinking various substances that cause stains.

At a clinic such as Washtenaw General Dentistry Associates, the treatment takes about an hour. The solution is applied and the light used to enhance its effects. The patient can simply relax and listen to music, a book, or a radio program. The dentist or hygienist checks progress throughout that time and may ask the patient if he or she would like to end the session early if the expected results have been achieved.

Followup Treatment

The process is completed at home with further, less-intensive whitening solutions that maintain the results so the patient does not have to return for another procedure for a long time. By returning for professional, routine teeth cleaning as recommended and following at-home whitening instructions, the light-enhanced process should not be needed for several years. The dentist also may send along a fluoride tray for the patient to strengthen the tooth enamel after whitening.

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