What It Takes to Obtain Workers’ Compensation in Rockton

What It Takes to Obtain Workers’ Compensation in Rockton

If you have been trying to obtain workers’ comp after a dispute with your company, you know just how complicated this legal matter can be. Rockton workers’ compensation lawyers have their work cut out for them helping clients navigate the maze of complex requirements and steps needed to successfully win a compensation case. It’s very important that anyone going through this process understand exactly what is involved, so they know why it’s so important to seek out great representation.

Rockton Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Help You Avoid Mistakes

The biggest mistake that a person can make with a workers’ comp case is to wait to report an injury. The sooner you report it, the easier it is to prove that you did in fact suffer a serious injury. The steps for accomplishing this are:

  • Inform your supervisor of the injury as soon as you can. Be sure that a record is made of the injury, and that both you and the company have exact copies of that record.
  • Seek medical care right away, and record the injury with a licensed physician or therapist. Be sure to receive treatment from a company doctor if one exists, because it is possible for companies to deny a claim if you seek outside medical care first. If you want a second opinion, you may need to have your attorney get approval from the company, so hold off visiting your own doctor in this case.
  • Submit a workers’ compensation claim form and be sure to document exactly what happens from then on.

If these steps aren’t followed in a timely manner, and to the letter of the law, it allows your company to suggest that you weren’t really that badly injured, to avoid paying out the claim. This is how so many workers end up unemployed and in debt after a workplace injury.

Don’t Overlook Injury

The other big issue with obtaining workers’ compensation is that it’s easy to overlook certain types of injury. For example, gradual hearing loss due to working in hazardously loud conditions can be something that many workers don’t realize they have a right to claim. It is also difficult to produce the medical documentation that proves the link between your work and less obvious injuries in cases like these. In these cases, having experienced Rockton workers’ compensation lawyers is an absolute must. To find out how we can help, call Fisk & Monteleone Ltd. at 815-209-9030.

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