Technicians Who Provide Furnace Repair in Minnetonka Help Homeowners Cut Energy Costs

Furnace Repair in Minnetonka can help homeowners save some money on utility bills if the equipment has not been running at peak efficiency. If the furnace hasn’t been cleaned and adjusted in the past year, the customers should ask the technician to do that as well.

Lower the Thermostat for Sleep

People who are dedicated to reducing their heat bills also might consider keeping the home’s temperature lower at night when they’re sleeping. Consumers generally are aware of the recommendations to set the thermostat lower when nobody is home for six hours or longer, but they may still not be setting it lower for sleep.

Specific Settings

If the residents always keep the furnace temperature, set to 68 when they’re home, they might try setting it at 67 before going to bed. That tiny change should not make any difference in comfort, and turning the thermostat down just one degree can lower energy use by up to three percent. Gradually bringing it down to 63 degrees can result in a savings of 10 percent.

This is an especially effective strategy in a cold climate like that of the Twin Cities area. Covering up with some blankets and a quilt can be considered a cozy option, and people quickly get used to the cooler air.

Cooler air in the bedrooms has a significant advantage aside from cutting energy use. Research has found that people sleep better in an environment with a temperature in the low 60s.

Programmable Thermostats

What about the discomfort when waking up and having to leave a snuggly warm bed? Nobody wants to take a shower in a bathroom that’s only 63 degrees. After finishing Furnace Repair in Minnetonka, the technician from a company such as Sabre Heating & Air Conditioning can install a programmable thermostat that can be set to raise the temperature so the house is comfy when shower time arrives.

That thermostat also can be set to start dropping to 63 or 60 when everyone normally leaves for the day. On days when the schedule isn’t totally routine, which might be the weekend, the residents can override the programming and set it manually. Visit website to get started on saving energy.

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