Technology Takes Structural Steel Fabrication to New Heights

by | Jan 4, 2016 | Business Services

Custom fabrication can involve the use of such processes as cutting, bending and assembly. Steel, an alloy of iron and carbon, is one of the strongest of all raw materials used in the industry and very few companies are able to handle all facets of structural steel fabrication in-house. But, growth within the automotive, construction, general manufacturing and steel and foundry industries has allowed a certain number of established companies to not only expand their facilities – but enhance their technologies as well.

Software Guarantees Precision

Knowledge of Computer Aided Design (CAD) as well as a solid understanding of mathematics plays an integral role in developing a three-dimensional surface of an object, especially when it comes to structural steel fabrication. Cleveland boasts numerous product development firms whose engineers depend on the precision offered by most 3D Modeling Software programs. Why? Because it remains consistent, allows integration of certain components and the final product is virtually error-free.

Established companies pride themselves on their capabilities to utilize the software in structural sawing, drilling, punching and welding. You know you are in good hands when a company boasts their experience level in using this type of software as it is difficult to learn, and takes a high level professionalism to perfect the craft.

In addition to 3D Software, fabrication service companies are also utilizing CNC Laser and Plasma Cutting systems to safeguard precision in the finishing of the product. This type of machining is not only one of the fastest ways to build functional prototypes, it allows companies to create product molds and cater to high volume production runs.

AWS Ensures Quality

According to the American Welding Society (AWS) the welding world is growing at an exponential rate and because of that the need has increased for a synchronized set of rules and regulations to be used within the industry. When investing in a structural steel fabrication project, the overall quality will be determined by whether the contracting company adheres to all AWS standards. That way they are in compliance with how the approval process is governed and in line with the technical aspects required for maintaining the equipment.

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