When to Hire a Home Decontamination Service in Atlanta, GA

by | Jan 4, 2016 | Cleaning Services

There are some messes that cannot be cleaned by a typical cleaning service. When there is any risk of biohazards, either to the general public or the people doing the cleaning, there are specific regulations set by federal and state governments that the cleaning team must follow. Since a typical housekeeping service will usually have neither the skills or the training to do this work correctly, a Home Decontamination Service in Atlanta GA, will need to be contacted.

There are a number of times when contamination could be an issue. It could be a chemical spill at a commercial or industrial location, a meth lab discovered in an apartment, or a crime scene in a home. It could even be the result of a hoarder collecting materials in their residence over several decades. In many instances these services are able to be billed to an insurance company and may even be billed directly, saving the property owner time and money.

In addition to cleaning, it is possible to hire a Home Decontamination Service in Atlanta GA, that can also provide repairs to the property as well. There are often many things that need to be done in these instances. Carpeting will need to be replaced and drywall may have been removed during the cleanup that will now require patching and painting. In instances of hoarding, there could even be damage to the structure itself, as the weight of the possessions may have damaged the supports in the home. Pest removal will also be included, as this is a common problem in some buildings needing this type of service.

Hiring a company like website ensures that the property will be properly cleaned and the people around the hazardous scene will be protected. It can remove the reminders of a tragic incident or help a family to clear away the tons of refuse left behind by a loved one. Once cleaned, the property will be safe for use once again. Do not attempt this type of cleaning alone. In order to make certain a home is safe again for inhabitants, contact a professional service who knows how to do the job right. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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