Teeth Whitening: Things You Need to Know

Teeth Whitening: Things You Need to Know

There’s no doubt that whiter teeth improve your smile. So if you have stained or discolored pearly whites, you can ask your dentist to perform a whitening procedure. Here are a few things you’ll need to remember, though:

How stains happen

Teeth discolor or stain over time. It could be due to a number of reasons. Do you smoke a lot? Nicotine leaves stains. Coffee, red wine, cola and other dark-colored drinks also do the same. Age is also a factor. Your enamel gets thinner and the dentin becomes darker the older you get, says Mouth Healthy. Trauma is another possible reason for why your teeth change color.

What to avoid

This isn’t a one-time procedure, though. Your eating, drinking or smoking habits would eventually take their toll on your teeth again. But you can cut back on coffee, tea, sodas and other dark-colored liquids if you want your shiny, white teeth to last for as long as possible. Smoking stains your teeth too so reducing your daily smokes or quitting is going to be good not just for your health in general but for your teeth as well.

How it works

While plenty of teeth whitening systems exist out there, if you want the fastest, most effective and safest way to do, schedule an appointment with your dentist. That way, you know you’re in good hands. Unlike teeth whitening products that might take up to several weeks without any discernible changes in your teeth, going to your dentist will you the results you want in just a session or two. You’ll see the difference right away.

How to prepare

Cavities in your teeth need to be dealt with. Tooth decay might increase your teeth sensitivity, though, so you’ll need to factor that in as well. For more information on that, talk to your dentist on how to make the experience as comfortable for you as possible.

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