Terms for Wooden Crates Wholesale Or Otherwise

Terms for Wooden Crates Wholesale Or Otherwise

Every business, manufacturing concern, trade, and profession has its own language. They employ terms specific to their craft or industry. The producers of wooden crates are no different. Below are several terms you may run across when considering purchasing wooden crates wholesale or otherwise.

Basic Terminology

Box: This is a type of container consisting of a stiff enclosure joined together with fasteners to produce a four-sided box consisting of panels of wood or other material. Most boxes have a side, top, end, base, and cap that is removable. The majority of boxes are not open but closed.
Cleat: The purpose of this lumber section is to support and/or strengthen the container’s framework.

Container: This is the actual means companies employ to package, transport or store the product/unit. It may refer to:

  • Boxes
  • Crates – including all sizes of wooden crates wholesale or retail available for use as containers, shipping vessels, etc.
  • Storage containers
  • Transport containers

Content: This refers to the specific item or items within the container. It may also indicate the material for which the container is designed. Content is singular even if the collection of items – which do not have to be identical or even similar, is plural

Crate: This inflexible 4-sided structure is often seen as indistinguishable from a box. However, according to purists, crates tend to be open and usually lack the use of panels to provide increased support

Fastenings: These ensure the assembly of a crate/box is complete and functional. Common types of fasteners are nails, lag screws, screws, and bolts

Pallet: A pallet is a platform of wood consisting of deck boards at the top and bottom as well as stringers. It is used for the storage, stacking, and shipping of a variety of goods.

Skid: This is similar in purpose and design to a pallet but lacks a bottom deck board and stringers.

These basic terms refer to boxes and to wooden crates wholesale or retail.

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