Basic Steps For Residential Window Replacement Projects On Napa Homes

Basic Steps For Residential Window Replacement Projects On Napa Homes

Top exterior renovation companies like Northwest Exteriors take the time to explain the steps in any project to their customers. This allows homeowners in Napa to know what to expect during a window replacement, which helps to streamline the process, avoid confusion or misunderstandings, and to keep the homeowner informed.

Each window replacement project is slightly different, with its unique aspects to the job. In all projects, the same general steps need to happen. Most of these projects can be completed on a very short timeline that is designed to coordinate with other renovation projects that may also be planned for the home.

Getting The Details

The first step in the process is to ensure all window measurements are correct. Professional measurement ensures the correct size of windows is selected for the project, including any changes to the existing windows.

It is not uncommon for older homes to have small windows. Durinselected prior tog the window replacement, it is possible to increase the size of the windows, add various design elements or change the window shape.

Choosing the Replacement Windows

Sometimes the windows are selected before the measurement project, but these are typically associated or related steps in the process. The professionals can explain the differences of each material and window type, ensuring the energy efficiency, durability, and style that is right for the home renovation project.

Prepping for the Job

The company arrives at your location to start the project at the scheduled time. Having the areas on the inside of the house free from furniture and obstruction makes the job go faster, but the crews can also remove these items when they arrive.

They will also protect the exterior of the home and ensure they protect landscaping and other aspects of the outside of the home.

Completing the Installation

For most projects, the installation of the new windows is usually a one or two day job, but larger homes in Napa or larger window renovations can add to the time required. Sudden weather issues can also be a factor, but the company provides full protection for the home during the installation process, even if unexpected issues arise.

The team at Northwest Exteriors ensures you understand the full window replacement process before we get started. To find out more, visit our website at

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