What Can Be Expected From Expansion Joint Installation in Chicago IL?

What Can Be Expected From Expansion Joint Installation in Chicago IL?

An expansion joint is placed within the construction of a building or a concrete floor to protect the structure from damages caused by stress. These joints help to prevent a building from experiencing damages caused by high winds, temperature fluctuations, live load deflections, and more. It is essential individuals understand what to expect from expansion joint installation in Chicago IL so they will be prepared.

What to Expect From Joint Expansion Installation

Expansion joints are a must for parking garages and other types of structures that rely on concrete and paving. Without the proper expansion joint installation in Chicago IL, the concrete areas will only begin to break down over time, leading to cracking, heaving, and great amounts of damage that can become costly to repair.

If the concrete or paved area already exists, it will need to be partially demolished to allow for the proper installation of the expansion joints. Expansion joints come in different forms, but the most common type used for parking garages and other similar structures is the zip joint. This type of joint is crafted from steel and is able to effectively take on the massive amounts of weight from all types of vehicles.

Unlike some types of winged seals, the expansion joint is less likely to become damaged, because it is made of a solid piece that runs throughout the joint. Although this expansion joint is strong and effective, it is also able to flex enough to allow for contraction and expansion with weather changes and temperature fluctuations.

A metal joint cover is installed directly into an indentation created in the concrete or pavement. The joint must be properly installed so it will be effective in helping the concrete or paving material to expand and contract throughout the different seasons and different weights of stress placed on it.

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