The Benefits Of Using Hydroblasting Services in Houston TX

The Benefits Of Using Hydroblasting Services in Houston TX

Hydroblasting Services in Houston TX is a method of cleaning and removing debris from machinery, equipment, tanks, and lines within an industrial setting. Hydro blasting consists of relying entirely on high pressured water striking the surface needed for cleaning. Unlike other types of cleaning processes of similar aspects, toxic and potentially hazardous abrasive chemicals are not used in addition to the water to clean the area.

An Overview of Hydro Blasting

To differentiate hydro blasting from simply washing a surface with water, professionals identify the washing according to the pressure of the stream of water that is produced. Water jet systems that produce water at a pressure greater than 10,000 PSI are classified as a hydro blaster. Anything less than 10,000 PSI is classified as either low pressure or high-pressure washing system. With more pressure, the water can strip off more layers of the material.

Benefits of Hydro Blasting

• Hydroblasting can remove almost any coating from any sized surface, making it viable for cleaning most surfaces.

• There are no solvents or other materials used in addition to hydro blasting which is environmentally friendly.

• Hydro blasting saves the company time and money as they will not need to rely on multiple products for cleaning.

• Hydro blasting complies with all Federal, State, and local regulations.

Areas where Hydro Blasting Applicable

There are multiple surfaces in which hydro blasting is used. Listed below are some of the areas in which Hydroblasting Services in Houston TX are commonly used.

• Large surfaces with epoxy coatings

• Projects with lead-based paints such as highways, airports and parking lots

• Surfaces with non-hazardous coatings

• Rooms where there are high amounts of dust

• Vessels and tanks

• Surfaces that contain a polymer coating

• Boilers, condensers, heat exchangers, and process lines

• Clean and prepare surfaces for a new material covering

Whether your business needs assistance in speeding up the renovation process, clearing build up and other debris from tanks and vessels, or clearing away dirt and grime from machinery, hydro blasting is an effective way to save time and money. Contact USA Environment L P today for more detailed information on the many advantages of incorporating hydro blasting into your business.

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