The Amazing Benefits of Cloud TAS Software

The Amazing Benefits of Cloud TAS Software

If you’re like many business owners, you want an easy and simplified way to handle payroll and HR needs. Even if you’re too small to have separate departments or want to integrate them both, you need the most appropriate cloud TAS software to do it. That way, you don’t have to worry that the program takes up too much space on your network or computers. Along with such, it allows you and employees to access the information, even if they aren’t on the intranet at work. Choose a program that offers leave, claims, payroll, and timeclock options, as well as others.


With payroll services online, you can handle all the salary calculations, which means you don’t have to remember how much each employee makes. Any statutory contributions made are all automatically taken care of, as well. You also get MOM-compliant itemized pay-slips, and they’re processed quickly and accurately. You may also want to look for programs that allow the employee to submit and you to approve the information online, as well.


Many times, employees require time off for a variety of things, such as surgical procedures, medical situations, and more. It’s helpful when you have cloud TAS software with a separate leave dashboard because you can track each person’s leave, ensuring that you know who is available for work and when. The management feature should also allow you to create leave types.


When employees have claims or necessary expenses, they shouldn’t have to keep track of receipts until the end of the month. They can take a photo and submit it to the app, ensuring that the claims are tracked as they occur.


Whether your employees get paid per hour or get paid based on the project or job they do, you can track it all and have a smart timeclock.

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