The Benefits of Emotional Support During the Bail Process in Forney TX

The Benefits of Emotional Support During the Bail Process in Forney TX

When someone has been arrested and taken to jail, this is a scary and stressful time. The last thing the person wants is to be held behind bars until the case ends, which poses the distinct risk of losing a job, a home and visitation with children. These defendants may feel very alone as they try to find someone to help with the Bail Process in Forney TX.

Pooling Money for Release

Coming up with cash bail may be impossible, but friends and relatives may be able to pool together enough money to pay the service fee for a commercial bail bond. This is part of the legal Bail Process in Forney TX in which an agency posts a surety bond to the court in exchange for a percentage fee.

Once the money has been gathered, the paperwork completed and the application approved at an agency such as AAA Bail Bonds, the release usually is done within 48 hours. It may be faster if the jail is not particularly busy with a large amount of paperwork connected with bail and bonding of numerous defendants.

No Rushing to Accept a Plea Deal

When the defendant understands that loved ones are working on release from jail, there is no need to feel pressured into a plea bargain that may have already been offered by the prosecution. Depending on the charges, the prosecutor and the public defender may have quickly conferred in a courthouse hallway and come up with a plan. This deal has certain advantages for the defendant, but it also forces the person to plead guilty.

Now, this individual realizes how much support he or she has. This helps a great deal psychologically when having to face co-workers and other people seen regularly who may have heard about the arrest. Being arrested is embarrassing. In a small town, word travels fast. Nevertheless, it is substantially better to be out of jail and back in normal life than to wait behind bars for an end to the case. A plea bargain may still be accepted, but the defendant does not need to rush into an agreement that may be less favorable than it could be.

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