The Benefits Of Hawaiian Ka’u Coffee For Sensitive Stomachs

One complaint that some coffee drinkers have is that it is occasionally rough on their stomachs. This is especially true for those that suffer from sensitive tummies. Coffee drinkers can now rejoice in the fact that new research shows drinking a dark brew, such as Hawaiian Ka’u Coffee, can actually help to ease this stomach discomfort. Why is this so?

Coffee that is roasted to a dark stage produces a natural chemical called N-methylpyridinium, or NMP for short. This chemical actually blocks hydrochloric acid from forming in the stomach. When the researchers gave test subjects regular coffee, decaffeinated coffee, low-acid coffee, and dark roast coffee, they discovered that the coffee that was dark roast produced the least stomach acid. The dark roast low-acid also caused far less stomach irritation than the regular coffee did.

Hawaiian Ka’u Coffee is the best kind of low-acid coffee to drink because its low level of acidity comes naturally. This is because the beans are grown in volcanic soil and fresh mountain air. In fact, even the lighter roasts that are frown this way will produce less stomach acid than traditionally grown coffee beans. Traditional growers treat their beans with extremely harsh pollutants such as ethyl acetate to force them to grow into a low-acid bean. This is not a particularly healthy way to manufacture coffee.

Keep in mind that there is not a difference in caffeine levels as far as light roasts and dark roasts are concerned. So if someone is prone to caffeine sensitivity, they may want to look for a decaffeinated version of a dark roast. This way they can still enjoy their “cuppa Joe” while avoiding aggravating such things as ulcers or other gastrointestinal anomalies.

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