The Benefits of Palladium Electroplating

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What Is It?

If you aren’t familiar with the term, palladium electroplating is a coating that allows for connectivity to be done without the use of gold. It is lower cost but it is also high in quality. It will last a very long time and it isn’t prone to corrosion. It is commonly used for wire bonding procedures that a person could use gold for. Yet it will last longer than gold and that is why so many people now use it instead.

Wire bonding is very important for many forms of equipment. It is part of the process for vehicles and machinery to operate successfully and safely. It is also important for limiting the risk of wires touching each other and shorting out.

This coating is able to withstand higher heating temperatures than gold. This can be very important when it comes to the processes of welding or soldering. It can also be used as a resource when you need to have a barrier between two other types of metals. This is commonly used between copper and gold or copper and nickel.

Automotive Industry

Every single day the process of palladium electroplating is completed in the automotive industry. It is part of the catalytic converter. Since this is less costly than the use of gold, it cuts down the overhead expenses involved for each vehicle that they manufacturer. When you add up that savings on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, it is a small but worthwhile change.

The auto industry continues to look for new ways to use this material. Today’s vehicles last for many more miles than they did a few decades ago. Adding materials that can stand up to the test of time means fewer repairs down the road for owners.


Gold prices continue to soar and that has increased the use of palladium electroplating. You can order parts that have this particular coating on them and they will be delivered to you. They continue to be a proven asset for various forms of connectivity. It will be replaced less often, too, so the overall investment costs less and means a longer life, which is a winning outcome. As more consumers learn about the overall benefits and value, they are content to go this route rather than hold out for gold.

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