Renting Versus Chartering: The Largest Differences

When you hear the word rent or charter it can be hard to sometimes figure out what the difference between the two is, especially when they’re used interchangeably. What does this mean for yacht charters in St John, USVI? website offers up several of the key differences between chartering and renting.

1. Renting a Yacht. When you rent it’s you, your gear, and your family. A rental yacht is usually for a shorter period of time than getting a yacht chartered, except in the cases of a larger boat which can be rented up for a week at a time. When renting you get pure privacy as there are no extra staff to hog up your seafaring time.

2. Chartering a Yacht. Chartering comes in two forms. First, “bareboat” is essentially similar to a rental. You pay for the time, and the boat is yours. You run things yourself, with no extra crew at hand. “Crewed” is the other charter form, where there is a staff in charge of the boat and you are there for the ride. Staff for a crewed charter pretty much do everything, leaving you and your family to relax and enjoy the scenery.

3. Itinerary. Often a chartered trip comes with a planned course of action, whereas a rental is scheduled more loosely. You have a plan, locations and times in the water, length of use, what items are to be served when you charter a yacht, while with rentals everything is up to you. You are your own captain, and your own master.

The largest difference between a rental and a charter is whether you have a crew or not. If you want to spend time with your family and not worry about running the yacht yourself, or if you don’t have enough boating experience to safely captain a yacht, then chartering is your best bet. It may be more expensive in the end, but you are assured of getting the celebrity treatment.

Renting is more fun when you know what you’re doing and you’ve been around the block—or harbor—a few times. If you’re knowledgeable enough, and comfortable enough on a boat, then try your hand at renting a yacht instead of chartering one.

Whatever you decide, a yacht is the absolute best way to experience the island coasts!

Yacht Rentals in St John, USVI are best at Blue Mystic Charters, with several yachts available for rent or charter. You can take a day trip around the Virgin Islands, or spend several on a self-contained worry-free cruise manned by a great crew and captain.

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