The Brazilian Blowout Is A Long Lasting Treatment

The Brazilian Blowout Is A Long Lasting Treatment

Brazilian Blowouts are treatments that smooth out the hair and improve the overall health of your follicles. Using proprietary bonding treatments, a protective layer of protein that protects the hair from becoming frizzy. This treatment is perfect for transitioning into other hair treatment methods as well. The Brazilian Blowout from Jacksonville, FL based salons is extremely popular these days.

How Long Should My Blowout Last?

That Brazilian Blowout from Jacksonville, FL stylists will typically last for 10 to 12 weeks. The number has variance depending on the severity of your hair genetics.

Once the Blowout has expired, the natural curly pattern of your hair may start gradually returning. You may choose to reapply when necessary, even if you are starting another chemical treatment plan. It is actually recommended to use the Blowout product on per-treated hair for added stability.

What Kind Of Hair Works Best With The Brazilian Blowout?

Fortunately, a Brazilian Blowout in Jacksonville, FL will be compatible with any hair type. It should be noted that those with naturally frizzy hair will receive the most noticeable impact. Straight hair will see the least impact from the product, but it is helpful to prevent knots.

Give your hair a 12 week trial with the Blowout product to see if it is right for your hair type. Prior to considering a Blowout, it is highly recommended to use other hair treatments like Japanese straighteners. You can find a Brazilian Blowout in Jacksonville, FL based salons with great ease.

One of the best spas in Jacksonville, FL for the Brazilian Blowout is Adrienne Michelle’s. With their 50 years of experience, their spa is one of the most well-known in the area. In addition to the Blowout, they offer spa packages with multiple hair and body treatments included.

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