Applying Wedding Makeup in Nassau County NY

When someone gets married, they will want to look their absolute best for their big day. Most women will go to a salon to have their hair styled. They may also decide to have someone apply their Wedding Makeup in Nassau County NY. This is a great opportunity for the entire bridal party to spend a last few minutes with the bride as they have their own styles enhanced by a professional.

First, the bridal party can meet at the salon of choice to talk a bit as they wait for their turn to be pampered. One person can bring some coffee and donuts to share with the rest of the group and with the stylists and makeup artists as well.

The women should first have their hair styled so makeup does not become smudged after it is applied. Most women choose to have fancy up-dos done, curls added, or flower arrangements placed in their hair. When the hair is sprayed and sure not to move, the makeup can then be applied.

A makeup artist will apply a powder foundation on the face of each person being serviced. This will help keep the makeup intact throughout the day so it has a fresh look. They will then select an appropriate eye shadow to match the hue of the skin and color of the eyes. They will add some eyeliner to define the eyes, as well as a mascara to give the eyes an attractive look. Lip color will then be added. Salons use high-grade cosmetics known to last for several hours. Many salons will offer sample-sized lipsticks or eye shadows so the person can make touch-ups to their makeup if needed. They will then apply a translucent powder to the face to help keep the makeup from smearing.

If someone wishes to have their bridal party accompany them to have hair or makeup done before a wedding, they will want to select a location that has the capability to do Wedding Makeup in Nassau County NY. Contact a salon like Safie Salon & Day Spa to make an appointment for the special day.

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