The Cosmetic Dentist in Annapolis Can Replace Missing Teeth

by | Jul 15, 2016 | Dentist

Losing a tooth can be a traumatic experience for people, especially when the tooth is missing from the front of the mouth. Regrettably, people can be cruel and misjudge a person based solely on their presence. People can experience issues with their personal and professional lives. For these people, the Cosmetic Dentist in Annapolis can offer tooth replacement with implants. Implants are so natural looking, no one will be able to tell they are not real.

Dental implants offer an amazing alternative to missing natural teeth. They are strong just like natural teeth so they are able to chew foods normally. Implants can be used to complete a person’s smile so they can regain their confidence and stop feeling as if they need to hide their smile. This can make a huge difference in a person’s confidence levels.

It is important a person is found to be a good candidate for implants before they make the decision to pursue them. The dentist must check the tooth socket where the implant will be placed to ensure no bone loss has occurred. Unfortunately, bone loss can begin to occur fairly quickly after the loss of a tooth, leaving a person without enough bone tissue for an implant to be successfully placed. Should problems be found, bone grafts can be used to try and build up the bone tissue.

An implant is made of three parts that become one functional unit once in place. The base of the implant is made of titanium which is one of the strongest metals in the world. This particular metal is used because it attaches to bone tissue as the bone grows around it. The second part is the abutment and this joins the implant base to the prosthetic tooth. Once all of the hardware is installed, the only part that shows above the gumline is the prosthetic tooth.

If you would like to learn more about dental implants and how they can complete your smile, you need to schedule an appointment with the Cosmetic Dentist in Annapolis. Annapolis Dental Associates offers the extensive dental services their patients rely on so they can keep healthy, beautiful smiles for life.

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