The Dentists Oahu Can Help With Your Bad Breath

Bad breath is more than an annoying condition. When you are suffering with bad breath, it can be embarrassing to be around others. Unfortunately, odors from your mouth can often be smelled by others. This can cause you to feel self-conscious and can affect your life in many different ways. If you are dealing with bad breath that is not responding to brushing or mints, you may need to see the Dentists Oahu so the cause can be found.

Many people believe bad breath is only caused by poor oral hygiene habits. While this reason is often to blame, there could be other causes. The foods you eat may cause mouth odors temporarily, but should not cause them on a regular basis. When a person is suffering with chronic bad breath, the dentist needs to get involved so treatments can be put in place. Common causes of bad breath include:

* If you are a smoker, you will most likely experience bad breath even when you use pastes, mouth rinses, gums and mints. Not only does smoking cause terrible mouth odors, it also causes risks to your dental and overall health.

* Many people are surprised to learn their bad breath is caused by chronic dry mouth. This condition can occur because of improper function in the salivary glands or because of certain medications. When your mouth does not have ample saliva, bacteria begin to thrive. This can cause putrid odors in your mouth. Fortunately, the Dentists Oahu can prescribe you certain mouth rinse products that help to moisturize your mouth and prevent bacteria growth. View the site to know more.

* If you have bad breath that seems to have no dental cause, you could be suffering from an infection in your body. Sinusitis, bronchitis and other types of infections can cause odors in your breath. You may also experience bad breath because of infections in your teeth or gums.

No matter the causes of your bad breath, seeing the dentist can help. The dentist can work to find the cause of your bad breath so a treatment option can be put in place. To get help with your halitosis, contact the office of Dr. Garrett T. Hayashi DDS right away.

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