The Family Dentist Can Treat Your Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity can have many causes that can sometimes be difficult to treat. While some degree of tooth sensitivity is common, ongoing issues should be investigated by a Family Dentist. The dentist can thoroughly examine a person’s tooth to determine what is causing their sensitivity. Treatment can help a person to overcome these symptoms so they can eat the foods they love and enjoy a more normal life.

When a person sees their Family Dentist for tooth sensitivity, the cause will be found by talking with the patient about their symptoms and examining the teeth. One of the most common causes of sensitivity is enamel erosion. When enamel erosion is occurring, this means the enamel is no longer protecting the tooth and openings can develop which can lead to nerve exposure. This type of issue is treated through the use of strong Fluoride treatments and special toothpaste that helps to encourage enamel strengthening and desensitizes the teeth.

In some cases, sensitivity is caused by decay. This is an early sign that occurs with a cavity. Once the tooth has been treated and filled, the sensitivity will often be stopped. The sooner one sees their dentist, the more likely the sensitivity will be able to be properly treated. A filling treatment removes the decayed areas and then fills the tooth so it is properly sealed.

Tooth sensitivity can sometimes be caused by minor cracks or other types of trauma to the teeth. If the dentist finds trauma, it will often be repaired in much the same way as a decayed tooth. The dentist will smooth any damaged areas and fill in cracks and other types of trauma with a strong filling material. In cases where severe tooth damage has occurred, the dentist may need to cover the tooth with a crown.

If you are dealing with increased sensitivity in your teeth, it is important you seek dental treatment right away so you can find relief. Contact Smile Solutions PC and allow them to schedule your appointment. They will work to discover what is causing the unwanted sensations so the right treatment can be carried out. You can also connect with them on Facebook for more updates.

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