The Great Things About The Shower Screen

The Great Things About The Shower Screen

A lot of bathrooms are designed with a shower cubicle or bath that is covered by a shower curtain. Although shower curtains are a convenient and affordable choice for many people, they are not as hygienic as glass shower screens. Shower screens crafted with glass won’t break easily, nor will they accumulate bacteria, dirt or mould growth quite like a shower curtain might. Resistant from corrosion, they are a good investment because they are long lasting and can be manufactured in a range of designs, such as tinted, stained, etched and frosted. Before you give your bathroom a makeover, learn why glass shower screens are a good option for commercial and residential bathrooms.

Various Thickness Options

The thickness of the shower screens you buy will depend on how long you want them to last, what kind of investment you want to make and whether or not you want the shower screen to be safe in a domestic building where the occupant’s safety is in your hands. Safety glass will withstand impact more than normal glass and will have undergone testing to ensure its safety. The minimum thickness should be at least 8mm and because it is resistant to force, it will stand the test of time. A supplier and manufacturer who is well recognised in the industry will work to a stringent standard to guarantee that the screen is tough enough to last for some time with no cracks or weak spots.

Choose from a Variety of Shapes

Some materials cannot be melted and moulded into just any old shape, which what makes glass such a versatile material for building shower screens. There are lots of different styles to choose from, such as curved glass, L-shaped screens, pentagon-shaped screens, and much more. If you’re lucky, you might find a manufacturer who can custom design the screen according to your preferences.

Modern Technology for Safety and Durability

Although a manufacturer of shower screens will focus on aesthetics, glass products must also be crafted in compliance with local standards. Thanks to modern technology, customers are able to choose from a strong selection of screens that have been tested for their durability. Sustainability, safety and security will be focused on by the team performing this type of technology, which combines an equal amount of light, sound and heat. These unique qualities associated with glass items makes them ideal for a variety of uses.

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