The Help Available From Podiatric Medicine in Racine, WI

The Help Available From Podiatric Medicine in Racine, WI

Feet are responsible for bearing the full weight of a person. They are subjected to ill-fitting shoes, left to walk bare across a number of surfaces, and rarely given the rest and pampering they deserve. It is no wonder there are so many conditions that feet can suffer from. Podiatric Medicine in Racine WI, is designed to combat all the abuses and damages from injury and disease that feet receive. It helps to make mobility easier and improves overall health.

Podiatrists treat problems occurring in the feet, toes, and ankles. They work with people who have a high risk of developing problems in order to prevent future issues. This includes diabetics, patients with arthritis, and people suffering from obesity, among many others. They are also able to treat many sports-related injuries and, depending on their training and space at the facility, may be able to offer on-site rehabilitation.

Podiatric Medicine in Racine WI, can manage basic health concerns as simple as a painful ingrown toenail or a stubborn nail fungus. They are able to diagnose and treat conditions like plantar fasciitis, heel pain, and tendonitis. They manage diabetic neuropathy and provide multiple avenues of treatment that may reduce the pain and the frequency it is experienced. They carefully explain why problems happen and how people can reduce their risks for future complications.

They have solutions whether a problem has appeared suddenly, developed over time, or is the result of a malformation that has always existed. They can offer suggestions about medication, provide orthopedic solutions to relieve pain, correct problems, and even assist their patients through surgical means if necessary.

A complete foot and ankle exam will make an accurate diagnosis possible and allow the medical staff to create a treatment plan for restoring foot health. They can make suggestions regarding exercise, weight loss, and medications that should be avoided. Check out to learn more about what the staff has to offer. It is impossible for anyone to feel their best when they are suffering from foot or ankle pain. Contact them today to begin feeling the relief that is possible with targeted, professional treatment.

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