Things to Consider When Hiring a Birth Doula

Things to Consider When Hiring a Birth Doula

If you ask anyone who has gone through the pregnancy process, they will tell you that preparation is key. With a baby on the way, there is no such thing as being “too” prepared. Whether you have enrolled in childbirth classes, shopped for baby clothes and stocked the nursery or have considered hiring a doula, there a number of steps you can take to ensure a smooth and well-planned pregnancy process. For pregnant women everywhere, a Doula is a great professional to have on hand. Here are some things to consider when hiring the best doula to fit your needs.

What is a Doula?

First and foremost, it is important to understand what a doula is before hiring one to help you throughout your pregnancy. The word “doula” quite literally means “woman’s servant”. It is a Greek word that was derived from a tradition of women helping other women during the pregnancy and childbirth process – a tradition that has been around for centuries. A doula is essentially a woman’s “right hand man”; her professional go-to who provides emotional, physical and mental support throughout her pregnancy. A doula helps to ensure a woman’s pregnancy is as safe, sound and memorable as possible.

What Does a Doula Do?

Most relationships between a pregnant woman and her doula occur months prior to the delivery of the baby. While doulas are not necessarily medical professionals and do not provide direct medical care, they make themselves available at all hours for each woman to call and ask questions or seek support. They help each woman develop a birth plan; helping her to understand the pregnancy process, as well as what options might be available to her. They help to answer questions, as well as advocate for each woman to ensure that each childbirth process is a successful one.


There have been a number of studies that cite the many benefits of hiring a doula to assist with the pregnancy process. Overall, woman that have utilized the services of a doula report very positive pregnancy experiences. Studies have shown that women who have hired a doula during their pregnancy are less susceptible to Cesarean sections, experience less pain and have reduced levels of stress throughout the entire process.

Finding the Right Doula for You

So, how do you find the right birth doula in Morris County? When hiring a doula, it is best to do your research. Research different birth doulas in the area and meet with them, one on one. Get a sense of what they are like and what they have to offer. It is important to find a doula that is not only experienced, but one that you connect with, as well.

For more information on finding a birth doula in Morris County, contact Holistic Beginnings, LLC at, or by phone, 201-988-6625.

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