The Home Automation System Solution in Gainesville, FL: Three Important Features

Imagine being able to control portions of a home with just the touch of a button? What if the pile of remotes located by the couch weren’t necessary? Sound too good to be true? Today, homeowners have the ability to set their living area up in a way that makes it easy to control the various systems that make the space cozy and comfortable. When it comes to a Home Automation System Solution Gainesville FL residents have lots of different options to choose from. Take a look at these three subsystems that can be easily controlled by the main automation system.


It’s always nice to come home to a place that is the ideal temperature. In the summer, people look forward to walking into a cool home. In the winter, families run from the car in the hopes of warming up inside. In the past, the thermostat could only be controlled by a person standing in the house, physically located beside the thermostat control. Today, with the Home Automation System Solution Gainesville FL residents have the ability to set the temperature of their homes with only a cell phone.


Ever wonder what goes on in the house when no one is home? Security systems are great, but they don’t always offer the best solution for those that want to take a closer look at their property, even if they aren’t close by. With a home automation system solution in Gainesville FL families have the ability to check in on their property without being anywhere nearby. Using that same cell phone, it is possible to check out the security cameras, taking a closer look at specific locations to ensure that everything is okay.


Watching TV or listening to music is an important part of relaxing at home. But many members of the family are multitasking as they enjoy some type of media. The automation system once again comes in handy as it makes it possible to turn on the television, change the channels, or connect to speakers to allow music to flow through the house. It just takes the touch of a button.

Ready to convert your living space into a home controlled by just the touch of a button? Contact Electronics World to learn more about the endless possibilities.

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