The Importance of Dental Care for Your Pets

The Importance of Dental Care for Your Pets

Dental healthcare is of utmost importance when it comes to your pet’s overall health because problems with their mouths may even be caused by issues in other places in their bodies, or on the other hand, they can even cause issues. Your pet’s gums and teeth should be checked regularly, at the very least once a year, by your vet in Chicago. He or she will be the one who is best at being able to check for the earliest signs of any problems and to keep your pet’s mouth as healthy as possible.

Reasons to Have Your Pet’s Mouth Examined Sooner

If you notice any of the following, you should make an appointment as soon as possible:

* If your pet does not generally have bad breath and suddenly develops it, that is worth the trip,
* If you have noticed broken or loose teeth,
* If you notice your pet have extra teeth in their mouth or have they retained any or all of their baby teeth into adulthood,
* If you notice stained teeth or teeth where tartar has built up,
* Is your pet’s appetite decreased and are they having difficulty chewing and swallowing?
* Have you noticed any bleeding, swelling around their mouth, or do they seem to be in pain?

One thing you should keep in mind is that even the gentlest of pets, just like their humans, can become irritable when the mouth hurts, and they may nip or even try to bite you. Remember they are in pain.

Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease is actually the most common dental disease in cats and dogs. Typically, by the time a pet is three years old, they will already be showing some signs of the disease. The first step in treatment is a thorough cleaning by a vet in Chicago. Portage Park Animal Hospital and Dental Clinic offers both general anesthesia and anesthesia free dental cleanings. Give them a call to discuss both these options.

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