The Importance of DPF Filter Cleaning Services in Garden Grove, CA

If your company owns a fleet of trucks, it is important to keep them maintained so your customers’ deliveries arrive on time. Preventive maintenance keeps your trucks on the road and costs less in the long run because the vehicles last longer. It is important to schedule diesel particulate filter cleaning services in Garden Grove, CA, as part of your fleet’s routine maintenance.

What Are Diesel Particulate Filters?

Diesel particulate filters, or DPFs, help to clean the exhaust from diesel engines before debris, or particulates, can be released into the air or back up into the engines and damage them. Many of these filters can be cleaned by pressing a “regeneration” button, and some engines automatically clean them when the sensor indicates the filters are full. However, only combustible materials are cleaned when the filters are regenerated. Fortunately, the noncombustible materials left behind can be eliminated with filter cleaning services by DPF Medic.

Frequency of Cleanings

While the frequency of a filter cleaning will depend on the engine manufacturer’s recommendations, there are some signs indicating the DPF should be cleaned. These signs include the turbo failing to work, too many regenerations of the DPF, and sluggish power problems. If your drivers notice these issues, you should call a company specializing in DPF cleaning services and have them come out to service your fleet.

How Cleanings Save Money

Filter cleaning services are less expensive than paying for new DPFs. Depending on the vehicle, a new DPF can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000. Along with extending the life of the DPFs, having them cleaned will also help extend the lives of your fleets’ engines. The cleanings will also help your vehicles pass emission inspections, which will prevent your company from being fined. If you want to keep your fleet moving, have your DPFs cleaned regularly.

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