The Importance of Drug Testing in Anderson, OH

The Importance of Drug Testing in Anderson, OH

Our nation is in the midst of the worst opioid epidemic in our history. Drug use is rampant, and overdoses have been an unfortunate daily routine throughout the country. This underscores how important Drug Testing in Anderson OH has become not only for employers but for families as well.

Employers Can Protect Their Company

If an employee comes to work under the influence of drugs, they can pose a great risk to themselves but also to coworkers and the general public. While some employers may ask potential employees if they engage in drug use, they will often get untruthful answers. A good working environment begins with healthy employees. By requiring employees to consent to drug screening by trained medical personnel, employers can prevent future issues.

Customers Can Be Protected

When employers make it known to candidates for employment that Drug Testing in Anderson OH is required prior to accepting a position, this can sometimes act as a way to weed out those who may pose a problem. By hiring an employee with a drug problem, companies are putting themselves and their customers at risk. Some professions, such as bus drivers or train engineers, require total focus. Operating either type of machine under the influence of drugs could put dozens of innocent people at risk.

Parents Can Protect Families

Drug testing doesn’t have to be limited to the workplace. If parents have a concern about their children or other family members, drug testing can be an option. This can be beneficial as it can detect if someone has an ongoing problem or if, perhaps, they have just tried a substance. There are different methods available in which family members can be tested. Blood and urine screens seem to be the more popular.

Deal With a Full-Service Medical Center

When looking for a facility that conducts drug testing, employers or family members should inquire what other types of services are available. By choosing Eastside Urgent Care, they also get services such as primary care, physicals, occupational health programs, STD testing, vision screening, and much more. They also offer a walk-in clinic and have a pediatric treatment room exclusively for children. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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