Eliminate Unattractive Veins in Your Leg by Contacting a Specialist Today

Anyone that suffers from spider and varicose veins, knows how unsightly and very painful they are if left uncared for. These types of veins are enlarged and can be red, blue, or flesh colored. They will appear in someone’s leg similar to cords that are bulging and twisting. Unlike varicose veins, spider veins are smaller and usually closer to the surface of the person’s skin. These blemishes can contribute to a person not being comfortable with their body. Women may forgo wearing skirts or shorts simply because they do not want anyone to see the swollen veins in their legs. Chicago has various vein clinics available that have the technology available to help eliminate the unsightly veins with less downtime and pain.

Why Problems with the Veins in Your Legs should not be ignored

Even though spider and varicose are not a serious health problem, they can cause the person an uncomfortable feeling in their legs. From feeling heavy to an itchy rash, these types of vein issues can cause the person enough discomfort they can begin to ache while sitting or standing. If they are left unattended they can result in a more serious health problem, such as superficial thrombophlebitis or deep vein thrombosis that can result in skin ulcers, bleeding, and severe blood clots deep within their veins.

Treatment is Available when You See a Specialist

There are a variety of options available today to help reduce or even eliminate an individual’s problem with their veins. There are special thigh-high support stockings that will not cure or eliminate the issue. They offer anyone suffers from varicose and spider veins a way of relieving their symptoms and slowing down the process of disease. Another option is to have surgical stripping that must be performed in a hospital under spinal or general anesthesia. People who receive this type of treatment take about two to three weeks to recover.

Speak to a Professional about a Less Invasive Way to Treat Unappealing Varicose and Spider Veins

A third option that is available is a procedure called endovenous laser ablation that will remove the damaged veins from their legs. This treatment can be performed under local anesthetic and will take less time to recover from. Most patients are able to return to work the same day of their treatment and lessen the chance of scars occurring. An expert in the field can help rid your legs of these unpleasant veins and on the go in no time at all.

Are you searching Chicago for vein clinics to treat your spider or varicose veins? Contact Veins without Surgery to learn how they can help with your treatment.

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