What to Look for in Your Designer Eyewear Provider

When you are looking for designer eyewear and you are looking for a place to obtain it, there are some things you want to keep in mind. Read through this article and get a pair of frames that make you feel just as beautiful as they look!

Manufacturing Process

Designer eyewear boutiques should have their eyeglass frames and lens building equipment on their premises. This allows them to add lenses to your current frames if you don’t want to give them up. Furthermore, a great place will allow you to stay as the glasses are being made. They will also care about the quality of their work and the quality of your vision while you’re there. If you feel any of that is lacking, then it’s time to find a new boutique.

Progressive Lenses

There will come a time, most likely when you are over the age of forty, where you will need progressive lenses. These are the types of lenses that allow you to see both up close and far away with just one lens. Not all progressive lenses are created equal, though—and a good professional will not tell you that you just have to get used to it when you have progressive lenses. Most people successfully use progressive lenses without a problem, but if you do have an issue, your designer eyewear provider will be able to switch them out so you feel more comfortable.


A designer eyewear provider who is excellent at their business will provide you with sunglasses. Sunglasses provide you with protection physically and they are visually comfortable. UV filters are a must when it comes to your eyes, as they need protection just as your skin does. However, a darker tint is not always the best tint! In addition, polarized lenses are the best defense against what’s known as sun glare. This is used for those who are driving. Lastly, transition lenses are able to be used as sunglasses. A good provider will have all of these options available to you.

Coatings and Finishes

Consider the coatings or finishes on your glasses lenses as the finishing touch that makes your glasses go from just good to an excellent accessory. Anti-reflection coating will improve the clarity and the scratch resistance of your lenses. UV filters create a block against damaging sun rays. Tints are used for intensity control depending on the setting. Mirror finishes will add extra protection against sun glare for general comfort or those who drive often. An excellent provider will tell you about all the different options available to you.


Frames are made from numerous different materials and they have many different features. There are full-frame glasses, semi-rim frames, and the rimless frames. You can even choose hypoallergenic frames, frames with added strength and flexibility, and frames with different types of nose pads for comfort.

Be sure your eyewear provider tells you about all the different options when it comes to your glasses.

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