The Importance of Geriatric Home Care

by | Nov 26, 2015 | Healthcare

As the population gets older, more and more people are reaching the age of retirement. In addition, thanks to modern science, people are living longer and enjoying better quality of life than just a few years ago. However, all of these good things mean aging people may need some kind of assistance for many years. This is why geriatric home care is very important. In fact, modern in home care for seniors provides many different benefits, and can be an excellent option to long term nursing care.

What is Geriatric Home Care?

In home geriatric care is designed to help those needing assistance. It makes it possible for many seniors to stay in the home instead of being admitted to some kind of institutional facility. Many people do not thrive in long term care facilities and do much better in their homes and around people who care about them. Just the ability to stay at home, is enough to vastly improve the quality of one’s life.

Services Provided

When you opt for geriatric home care, you can choose from many different services. Some services are medical related. However, other services are designed to make life easier for the senior and the senior’s family.

Personal Services

Suppose someone has suffered a stroke or has severe arthritis. It may be difficult to dress or groom oneself. In addition, this person may need assistance with mobility and getting in and out of bed. With geriatric home care services, people with disabilities do not have to be confined to full-time nursing care facilities. Workers come to the home and provide all the help they require.


The older we get, the more likely we will need some kind of medication. It may be for a number of health conditions which are common to aging. However, it is easy to forget to take drugs, especially if you must take them more than once a day. Geriatric home care can include supervising and monitoring one’s prescription and over the counter drugs. This ensures the person gets the right medication and at the proper times.

Other Services

You may receive many different kinds of services when you opt for professional geriatric home care. For example, you can enjoy help with meal preparation or light housework. Maybe you have just got out of the hospital and need help with recovery. Senior in home services can also include errand running and taking you to doctor appointments when needed. These kinds of services can be invaluable.

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