The Labor Intensive Process of Concrete Polishing in Longmont, CO

There many different types of flooring materials to choose from. For an edgy and industrial look, many people are going with a concrete floor. While these are very common in businesses because of their durability, they have also grown in popularity when it comes to residential usage. However, before a person thinks about a concrete floor for their business or home, Concrete Polishing in Longmont CO needs to be considered.

The first thing that people will notice about concrete floors or concrete countertops for kitchen and bathroom spaces is the expense. The fact is that these types of surfaces can represent the higher end of the pricing scale and it’s important for anyone that wants to use concrete be prepared for this expense.

The question many people have is why do these surfaces cost so much. The materials used in concrete are fairly affordable, and concrete is easy to find, mix and lay, even for a laymen. However, the labor-intensive process of Concrete Polishing in Longmont CO is why their prices are so expensive.

The first step in a polished concrete surface is to smooth out the existing concrete. Many times, when concrete is used in a home or business facility, the concrete is rather rough and unadorned. Typically, a significant amount of sanding is done to get this floor to a smooth to the touch surface. However, this isn’t the end of the process.

The concrete surface, whether it’s a floor or countertop, will have to undergo multiple sanding passes that use incremental drops in the grit of the sandpaper in order to achieve the polished look. This is typically where the high cost of the surface comes in, because it takes a great deal of time to polish concrete through strategic sanding in order to get it to a sheen that is acceptable. In addition, after this is done, stains can be added to the concrete to give it an entirely different look as well.

If you’re interested in this type of surface for your kitchen countertops or the floors inside of your home or business, a quick visit to may be in order. This flooring provider can help you determine if concrete surfaces are right for you.

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