The Magnetic Quality of Metals, Including Carbon Steel in Kent WA

The Magnetic Quality of Metals, Including Carbon Steel in Kent WA

Regarding Carbon Steel in Kent, WA manufacturers and other companies wanting to buy specific types of this metal typically do their purchasing from organizations selling a broad range of products. This way, the companies can get the precise features they’re looking for.

Unique Properties

The average person who doesn’t need to spend much time thinking about features of various metals may not know a great deal about carbon steel. In fact, this person is likely to know more about stainless steel, being familiar with its anti-corrosive properties. Yet when it comes to Carbon Steel in Kent, WA factories have important reasons for choosing this metal over the corrosion-resistant form. Each kind of metal used in manufacturing has its own unique properties, making certain types more suitable for certain purposes.

Magnetic Properties

Another point that most people learn at an early age is that some metals are magnetic while others are not. Yet they don’t necessarily know which kinds attract magnets and which do not respond. It’s easy enough to test this around the house with a magnet. The devices stick to most refrigerators, for instance, unless the appliance has a stainless steel exterior. Magnets also don’t respond to aluminum. Carbon steel is magnetic and so are iron, cobalt and nickel.

Most metals are not magnetic. That includes copper, silver, gold and platinum. In fact, pawn shop dealers may begin a potential transaction for a piece of gold jewelry by doing a magnet test on it. If the piece is magnetic, that rules out the possibility it’s really made of gold.

Small Orders

That magnetic quality can be essential for manufacturers wanting to purchase from a supplier such as Specialty Metals. In some instances, the factory receives an order for a relatively small number of magnetic items to be constructed, so they do not want to make a large purchase of metal for just one order. They have no idea when they’ll use the rest and do not want to keep it in inventory indefinitely. Anyone interested in buying carbon steel may click here to learn about one particular organization offering direct-to-consumer and wholesale products.

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