The Many Benefits Of Double Hung Windows

by | Apr 7, 2016 | Window Services

Double hung windows have been in common use for many years and till this day still rank as one of the most common window used in American homes. Double hung windows in Orland Park allow plenty of ventilation through the top sash or bottom sash or both.

Frame materials:

Double hung replacement windows are commonly available in vinyl, wood, aluminum and wood. Vinyl windows by far are the least expensive and have the best features. Fiberglass frames are good when strength is the primary consideration, aluminum windows are strong but far from being thermally efficient. Wood frame windows are high maintenance and tend to shrink and expand which can cause the sash to bind in the track.


The greatest majority of replacement double hung windows in Orland Park are doubled glazed but more and more homeowners are opting for three layers of glass. Triple paned windows are certainly more energy efficient which is a major consideration in areas where winters are sub-zero and summer temperatures often hit the nineties. The windows can be fitted with tempered glass or insulated low E glass. Tempered glass is quite durable and withstands impact better than float glass while low E glass helps to keep heat in the building better than standard glass.

The benefits of double hung windows:

Cleaning: Double hung windows in Orland Park are easy to clean because both the inside and outside of the glass is cleaned from inside the room. Once the inside of the glass has been cleaned, it is a simple matter to tip the sash into the room, you are now in a position to clean the other side. Homeowners see this as one of the major benefits to double hung windows.
Ventilation: A double hung window allows you to open either the top or the bottom of the window or both at the same time. This is an ideal solution as it allows cool air to enter the room through the bottom pane and hot air to vacate the room through the top opening. With single hung windows it is necessary to have multiple windows to create the same air flow.
Add screens: As the two sashes slide up and down in a vertical direction it is easy to slide screens into place, thus allowing the windows to be open even when there are insects in flight.

Double hung windows in Orland Park have a lot to offer homeowners; that is why they are in such demand.

It is easy to see why double hung windows in Orland Park are one of the favorites of homeowners. They are easy to clean and provide the best ventilation of any window design. For complete information and a free estimate you are invited to contact Supreme Windows & Exteriors.

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