The Most Effective Forms Of Termite Control In the Bronx

The Most Effective Forms Of Termite Control In the Bronx

An infestation of pests not only leaves a homeowner uncomfortable but, if not treated, may create unhealthy living conditions and pose safety and structural concerns. While there are a variety of termite treatment products available from big-box stores, few of them compare to the expertise of a professional trained in the most efficient methods of Termite Control in Bronx. Here is a look at the most commonly used ways to combat an infestation and how they will keep a home safe for years to come.

Perimeter Bait Traps

The best way to prevent a termite infestation is to keep the pests from entering a home in the first place. Perimeter bait traps are strategically placed around the foundation of a house and contain a poisonous material that the termites will take back to their colony. As the bugs feast on the bait, it will kill them, leaving a house free of wood-eating termites that threaten the structural components of a home.

Foam Application

In some instances, termites gain access to a home through small cracks and openings that form as a result of natural settling. The easiest way to keep them from having a clear path inside a house is to fill any gaps with a foam insulation material. The chemical components help deter the bugs while preventing them from having an accessible entry point and gaining access to the wooden support beams in a structure.

Structural Modifications

If the previous methods are not successful at Termite Control in Bronx or if the openings created during settling are too large for foam insulation, the property may require structural modification. A contractor will identify areas of vulnerability and install additional components that increase the overall integrity of the home. They will also inspect the areas to determine if any support elements are damaged as a result of termites and make the needed repairs.

Termites are terrifying, and one bug is capable of laying up to 1,000 eggs per day, leading to a massive infestation problem. The team at Metro Pest Control Inc. offers a wide array of treatment options and makes it easy to keep a home free of pest-related threats. Visit Our Website to learn more and see how straightforward keeping a home bug-free should be.

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