The Perfect Foods To Pair With Long Island Rose Wines In Hamptons NY

Rose wines are growing in popularity, due to their ability to be enjoyed cold combined with their light and refreshing flavor. Many people become overwhelmed when trying a new wine, as they struggle to determine which foods it will pair with to create the ultimate culinary experience. Rather than just guessing, consider attempting the following combinations, as they will bring out the bright and delicate flavor of Long Island Rose Wines in Hamptons NY and elevate any dining experience to a new level of enjoyment.

Pasta Salads and Rice Dishes

A pasta salad is designed to be a light and filling main or side dish, and standard red wine is often too intense for this type of fare. Rose makes the perfect compliment due to its ability to bring out the natural sweetness of vegetables. It also melds well with the flavor of the pasta and will help round out a variety of oil-based dressings, resulting in a meal that is as delicious as it is refreshing.

Seafood and Shellfish

When most people think of eating fish, they instantly think of drinking white wine. While white is a popular choice, the delicate fruitiness that is inherent in Long Island Rose Wines in Hamptons NY will bring out an entirely new flavor profile of lightly cooked fish and seafood. It is also excellent with ceviche, as its cold, refreshing finish will cleanse the palate and ensure a pleasant bite.

Goat Cheese

Cheese made from goats milk is celebrated for its unparalleled creaminess and enjoyable tang that is perfect in a vast selection of dishes. Pairing rose with goat cheese results in a subtle flavor combination that melds well with other fruits and herbed crackers. Give any charcuterie an upgrade by serving a bottle of premium rose on the side.

When the heat of the summer sun beats down, be sure to cool down with a nice glass of rose. Towne Cellars Wines & Liquors Inc. offers a vast selection of quality rose wines, and their knowledgeable staffing team will help anyone determine which bottle will best meet their desires. Stop by their store today or start browsing their complete inventory online to take any culinary experience to an unprecedented level. Like us on Facebook.

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