The Possibility of Wood Flooring Installation in Manhattan Directly Over an Existing Floor

by | Aug 22, 2016 | Wood Products

Sometimes homeowners envision Wood Flooring Installation in Manhattan for their residence, but the prospect seems overwhelming. They figure they’ll have to get all the old flooring removed first and then replaced with wood, leading to a high labor cost in addition to the price of the wood planks. In many cases, however, wood flooring can be placed directly on top of another material. A contractor may be able to nail it over vinyl, tile or linoleum. This depends on several factors.

First, the existing flooring must be in good condition or the wood installation will probably fail. This means there cannot be cracks, holes, depressions or loose areas. There cannot be any ripples; the flooring must be flat. This old material will become the new subfloor, and its quality must be sufficient even if nobody ever sees it again. The subfloor also should be thoroughly cleaned and it must be completely dry before Wood Flooring Installation in Manhattan takes place.

Another factor would involve whether the new floor would be too high for other existing features if the old material is not removed. In some cases, the only way to successfully accomplish the project without tearing out old flooring is to install a new subfloor over the old material and then add the wood planks. Obviously, this brings the surface up a significant amount from the original material. It can be a problem if any doors are close to the floor, including cabinetry, pantry and entry doors.

Professional flooring technicians from a company like New York Wood Flooring can evaluate the situation and make an informed recommendation. The homeowner may already have a good sense of whether the existing material is in fine shape or not. People who have taken good care of the floors over the years and have been careful about preventing any damage will have a better probability of successful hardwood installation over those materials. However, they may have to live with minor noise after wood is laid directly over synthetic materials. There may be squeaking in certain areas when someone steps on the floor because the materials rub together. If this type of slight imperfection is acceptable, the homeowners should be satisfied with the results.

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