Finding Professional Wood Flooring Refinishing in New York City

by | Mar 22, 2016 | Wood Products

The beauty of hardwood floors is timeless and goes with any style of decor in any room. It elevates an ordinary setting into an elegant one. The family dining room, for example, can go from simple to warm, yet formal, with the addition of a hardwood floor. Entryways and lobbies appear more inviting, and offices with wood flooring leave a confident, professional impression on visitors, clients, and business partners.

Wood flooring holds up well with regular maintenance but, once it begins to show wear and tear, it needs professional Wood Flooring Refinishing in New York City. Adding wood polish or wax, setting down colorful rugs, or just letting it go will take away from the appearance of the flooring and may damage the wood. Refinishing makes an older wood floor look brand new, protects the grain of the wood, and prolongs the life of the floor.

Many people delay having floors done because they want to avoid the disruption and hassle of moving furniture, staying out of that room or office for a couple of days, and then having to place everything back into the space. That is not an issue when using a professional company, such as New York Wood Flooring, for example. Techniques and products have advanced to a point where refinishing does not take days to dry, and sanding can be done effectively and quickly. Experienced companies are efficient at moving and protecting furniture and cleaning up when the job is finished.

Wood Flooring Refinishing in New York City begins with sanding the wood to remove the wear and tear. Scuff marks that remained in place after regular cleaning, residue from spills, and accumulated dust and debris are completely gone after this process. Once that is completed, three coats of a water-based, non-toxic finish are placed on the floor to protect the wood and restore the original shine. Each coat of finish dries in one hour, so the entire floor can be done in one day. When the last coat is dry, the furniture will be put back into the room or office, and the whole area will be cleaned up before professionals leave the premises.

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