Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Sedation For Children In Stratford

When children are scared to have a dental procedure, it makes the experience frightening. Many Dental Sedation Stratford area clinics offer a sedation option for children so they stay calm throughout the procedure. Nitrous oxide, which is also referred to as laughing gas, is a safe form of sedation for children that helps them to relax at the dental office. To learn more information about using this type of sedation for children, read the frequently asked questions below.

Q.) What exactly is nitrous oxide and is it safe for children?

A.) Nitrous oxide is a very safe combination of oxygen and nitrous oxide. The dentist places a mask over the child’s nose and the gas is inhaled. After the procedure is finished and the mask is removed, the gas quickly leaves the body as the child begins breathing normally. This form of sedation is very mild and many dentists recommend it for fearful children and adults because it’s the safest type of sedation available.

Q.) Do children have any side effects after a dentist administers nitrous oxide?

A.) This safe form of sedation doesn’t have any side effects and it isn’t addictive. While the nitrous oxide is being used on a patient, the child or adult is completely conscious during the dental procedure. The body’s natural reflexes stay intact while the patient relaxes in the dental chair.

Q.) What types of dental procedures require the use of nitrous oxide?

A.) This type of sedation can be used for almost any type of procedure that’s performed in a Dental Sedation Stratford area clinic. Children who are the most anxious and have the worst fears may need sedation for any type of dental procedure. On the other hand, children who only have a mild form of nervousness at the dental office may only need the sedation for more complicated or lengthy procedures. Parents should discuss their children’s fears, and the options that are available, with their family dentist.

If your child is hesitant to go to the dentist, call for an appointment at Modern Family Dental. This dental practice provides options for children so they remain calm during their dental procedure.

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