The Process and Benefits of Septic Tank Cleaning in Sorrento FL

by | Aug 1, 2014 | Septic Tanks

The septic tank is the central part of the home’s waste disposal system. This is because it acts as a reservoir for the wastes that come from the house and also the starting point of the recycling process that sees the wastewater purified and used in other ways. When the septic system is running smoothly, the house will be clean and well drained at all times. On the other hand, when the tank is poorly serviced, the issues will spread back to the house. Here is what you need to know about the process of Septic Tank Cleaning in Sorrento FL.

The experts will start by having a look at the level of sludge in the tank and determining whether it should be suctioned off or not. The suction process takes about 45 minutes to an hour depending on the volume of the sludge. It is important to let experts handle the process because most of the time the systems produce gases that would be very poisonous if inhaled. The experts will have the right protective gear for the process.

The second step in the process is the removal of the filter that separates the upper tank and the lower part. The filter is cleaned separately using water and appropriate cleaning agents. The experts will then clean the tank using water and detergents that remove residual sludge. A thorough rinse will follow.

The third part of the process is trying to figure out why the system may have failed. Note that most tanks have a natural running mechanism whereby bacteria breaks down the solid waste. If the sludge level has risen, it is an indication that the tank is not working the way it is supposed to. The experts will figure out the detergent or other bathroom agent that could be causing the death of the bacteria. They will advice against the use of these things. As a result, the tank will be more efficient than before.

As you can see, the cleanliness and health standards of your building all depend on your ability to hire an expert who can help you deal with all the septic tank issues that you have. You can look here for details about the process. Alternatively, go to to learn more about Septic Tank Cleaning in Sorrento FL.

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