The Process of Effective Web Design

by | Jun 11, 2015 | Web Design

Although no one technically owns the Internet Tim Berners-Lee is credited as being its inventor in many respects. At the time Berners-Lee was working at CERN he was the one who proposed the global hypertext project. If it had not been for a rather sharp name change we might have been referring to the internet as ‘GHP’, but instead, we know it as the World Wide Web. The initial birth of the web came about between 1991 and 1993 but at the time all the pages were viewed with a simple ’line-mode’ browser—mainly because Bill Gates hadn’t arrived on the scene yet.

At this point the internet still wasn’t available or fit for public use and it was still very early days in its development. The earliest web browser was the Mosaic, which broke the mold of the old imageless Unix-based versions to include graphics and sounds. Web design evolved as other programs like ‘Flash’ became more popular. GIF files and Java script made the package even more enticing and soon the idea of having the snazziest and most captivating website become everyone’s idea of internet heaven.

How Does Web Design Work?

Basically, the whole point of having web designers is to have your website designed professionally by people have artistic flare, an eye for detail, the capability to attract the right kind of traffic to your site and the ability to make your site easily navigable for the customers and potential customers who visit it. Minneapolis web designers have the same tasks that designers around the country have and that is to make your site the best. They want to create a user experience that involves interaction, experience and fun, but with that serious ‘we want your custom and your business’ feel. The designers pick the right fonts to suit your business style, the right kind of motion graphics and they make sure there are no spelling mistakes, misplaced words, images and broken links. The site will be thoroughly tested long before it ‘goes live’ in front of your customers and it will also be marketed using SEO—search engine optimization—techniques that draw it to the top of any internet search list. All search engines rely on the right keywords for that process to be effective.

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