The Surprising Importance of a Dog Grooming Service in Bowie

by | Feb 2, 2015 | Veterinary

For many people, dog grooming is considered a luxury. However, it’s important to understand that there is more to this particular service then something that is unnecessary or a luxury. The fact is, there are many practical as well as significant benefits when it comes to using a Dog Grooming Service in Bowie. If you have a dog, or you have just recently become an owner of a dog, you’ll need to understand some of the many benefits from this particular service.

Perhaps one of the most popular and significant benefits to dog grooming is that it keeps the dog looking and smelling fresh. This can be welcome news to a potential pet owner that has avoided purchasing a dog because of the dog like smell that many pet owners tend to deal with. By having your dog regularly groomed, you won’t have to worry about the standard dog odor that most people with one or multiple dogs have when you walk into their home.

However, dog grooming isn’t necessarily for aesthetic reasons only. For example, dog hair can become tangled, much like your hair can become tangled, and this can cause a pulling of the skin. This can be very difficult for a dog deal with and it can dramatically change their disposition. A dog that is well groomed and brushed regularly will typically not have these issues.

In addition, when you take the time to either groom your dog yourself or have the dog groomed professionally, it’s an opportunity to look for potential medical issues. Abrasions, lacerations, lumps and the presence of tics or fleas can often be uncovered during a standard dog grooming session.

If you have a dog and you have neglected their grooming, or perhaps you’ve just recently become a dog owner and want to get started on the right foot, a Dog Grooming Service in Bowie is a great option. You can choose dedicated dog grooming services or, for a more advanced grooming as well as a medical overview, you can visit Gambrills Veterinary Center. This facility can not only look out for the medical welfare of your dog, they also offer top-flight grooming services to keep your dog happy, healthy and clean.


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