The Top Three Safety Concerns During Heating Equipment Installation In Farmington CT

A heating system is an integral component of keeping a home warm during the coldest winter weather, and proper installation ensures that the unit runs safely and reliably. Many localities require inspection of a new Heating Equipment Installation Farmington CT before the furnace may be used, which prevents the occurrence of safety issues that jeopardize the safety of the unit during operation. Here is a quick look at the three biggest concerns during the installation of a new heating system.

Proper Exhaust Venting

Heating units that operate on fuel require proper venting so that any fumes created as a result of the combustion process are released outdoors. The exhaust components prevent a buildup of carbon monoxide and reduce the side effects associated with harmful fuel based fumes. An inspector will measure the distance of the exhaust pipe and make sure that it is airtight and is not installed in a way that might prevent the flow of air.

Fuel Line Installation

The line that runs from the fuel source to the furnace is another critical element, as even a small leak will not only lead to property damage but may cause a buildup of combustible fumes. The line should be secured to the foundational elements of the building so that there is minimal shifting, and it shouldn’t make contact with nearby electrical wires or other structural components. Proper installation will prevent leaks and allows fuel to flow unobstructed.

Installation Location

Another vital factor in Heating Equipment Installation Farmington CT is the location of the system. The furnace should be easy to access, and should not be installed near areas where it may come in contact with other fuels or household items that pose a fire risk. Most contractors will position the unit in a central location which aids in even distribution of the heated air when it is released into the ductwork.

The key to a safe furnace is proper installation and a thorough inspection. The technicians at  Inc. are leading providers of system installation and service, and offer home delivery of heating fuel. Contact them today to learn more, and simplify the project of installing a new heating system. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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