The Types and Importance of Lead Shielding

by | Mar 8, 2016 | Business & Economics

For both legal, health and performance reasons, it is important to take care of the welfare of employees especially in an industrial workplace. In some situations, the need is more urgent than others. An environment where there is a potential for exposure radiation is one such example. In such a scenario, it is important to have high quality lead shielding. Here are some of the types of products which might offer enough shielding;

Lead bricks
With lead bricks, they normally come with unique interlocking designs such that when layered, they provide the utmost protection from radiation. They come in different shapes and sizes, and when layered correctly, will provide the right amount of safety and lead shielding for workspaces, rooms or vessels.

Bricks can either be 50 or 100mm in size, and are designed to be interlocking into the surrounding bricks. Their unique design enables layering to achieve the right amount of shielding.

Lead lining
Lining is another popular form of shielding. Linings are normally useful in companies where workers handle chemicals and nuclear materials that are hazardous and corrosive. There are two types of lead lining; hot and cold. The use depends on the circumstances in which they are required.

Hot filling involves the molten lead being cast directly onto the fabrication, in conditions that are carefully controlled. Cold filling involves the use of rolled or machine extruded lead to line a fabrication.

Pipe shielding
In medical or industrial environment, sometimes there could be need for lead shielding in the pipe work. Pipe shielding, generally, is tailored to the specific needs of the client. Pipe shielding products will generally require specific designs for either medical or nuclear facilities.

Such protection in either medical or industrial workplaces is important for several reasons. One of the biggest company commitments is to offer the safety of their employees at the workplace. Companies where employees handle radioactive, nuclear or corrosive materials are required by law to provide enough protection for their employees and customers. Lead shielding products, therefore, provide a means for them to honor their legal obligations.

When companies go out of their way to protect their employees within the workplace, they tend to improve employee motivation and drive. Employees will likely feel cared for, which will improve their sense of belonging. With positive attitudes like these, they will be highly productive.

Any company that values its employees and their levels of performance will invest in the latest lead shielding technology in its workplace.

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