The Usefulness of Gravel in Austin TX for Paving Long Residential Driveways

by | Aug 8, 2016 | Business

Having a relatively long driveway paved can be a pricey, so many homeowners in this situation choose to have a driveway made of gravel in Austin, TX. They don’t have to order plain, boring material. A landscaping company, for instance, can pave the driveway with crushed limestone or pea gravel in various sizes.

Gravel in Austin TX for driveways has several advantages besides price. It allows rainwater to drain effectively instead of holding water in low spots. The technicians who construct the driveway make sure that the subgrade does not have drainage issues and changes the terrain if there are drainage problems. Otherwise, ruts and potholes may develop when the ground is saturated, and vehicles drive on the surface.

It never has to be cleaned because of oil or other fluid drips that mar its appearance. Unlike asphalt, a gravel driveway doesn’t need the edges shored up after normal deterioration over time. Unsightly cracks won’t develop due to minor earth shifts and the ground settling. This group of small stones is a more natural material in the environment compared with a long slab of blacktop or concrete.

That isn’t to say the homeowner can avoid driveway maintenance altogether. Gravel can be tossed around as vehicles drive over it, and it should be raked occasionally to get it back into place. This can be part of the normal property care routine; the homeowners may want to do a bit of raking before mowing the lawn. The household residents also must accept that the driveway will never be a smooth, flat surface. It won’t be a surface that anyone will want to walk on barefoot, and street bikes with thin tires may not be very manageable on it.

A company such as Loftin Trucking & Materials LLC can construct a gravel driveway that will please the homeowners. Together, they’ll work on choosing a material and a design that is satisfactory. The driveway may not have to run straight from the road to the garage or carport, for example. A curve or two in the driveway commonly is aesthetically beneficial compared with a long, straight path.

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