The Value of Legal Calendaring Software

by | Jan 7, 2015 | Online Business

People involved in the legal profession have to keep track of a seemingly endless number of appointments and obligations. Cases are often ongoing and require several meetings with clients, witnesses, experts, and whoever else may be involved with the case. The larger the law firm, the more that legal calendaring software could prove to be beneficial for their establishment or legal practice.

There are dozens of calendaring software available on the market today and they are often integrated in email systems to make their use easier when planning meetings with multiple people. While these types of programs can work perfectly fine for the tasks they were designed for, they were not created with the law profession in mind, which limits their usefulness significantly. Software specifically designed for a law firm can have advantages over these programs.

Calendaring software needs integration with a dashboard which displays exactly the information that is needed for the given day as well as important events in the next few days. All of this information being made available on one screen can make it significantly easier to plan and book future appointments.

Another way to make the lawyer’s life easier when planning out his time would be color coding by entry type. For example, having all court dates colored blue while having client appointments colored in yellow can give you a better understanding of the weekly schedule at a quick glance.

The best way to really provide value out of legal calendaring software is integration with the invoicing system. Being able to quickly view all the information on a case file will help with the auditing of an invoice prior to sending it to the customer. Having a view for every event relevant to a specific invoice can help you catch billing errors which can cost you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars and can also save you significant amounts of time when building the invoice.

Advanced legal software can make the jobs of almost all employees significantly more efficient, especially when it’s easy to use. When it comes to keeping track of appointments and events, any calendaring software can get the job done, but an integrated software program designed for a law firm can do it significantly better. Online Legal Software can help law firms by providing the tools necessary to do their job more efficiently. With an online calendaring application being part of their fully integrated software suite, you can rest assured their calendaring program was designed with your law firm in mind.

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