There Are Many Book Authors Writing About Understanding Dreams, But Jane Foley Is Unique

It’s unknown how long mothers have been having dreaming about their unborn babies, but it’s undoubtedly been for many thousands of years. Most cultures throughout time have believed in the predictive power of dreams. The power of dreams is referenced in the Bible and is important in past and present China. When a similar belief has survived through the ages and around the globe, it seems illogical to unilaterally state that predictive dreaming couldn’t possibly be true. Book Authors worldwide have written about predictive dreams for a very long time.

Will the Baby be a Boy or a Girl?

It’s fairly common for pregnant women to dream of their unborn child. Not all women have these dreams, of course, but many do. These dreams may predict the gender of the child long before birth. Some dreams give hints as to the character or future of the child.

Combining Science and Dreams

This is a professional sonographer who has worked with pregnant women to follow the development of their babies for more than 25 years. Jane is also well-known for her ability to interpret the dreams of women while they are pregnant. She specializes in analyzing and determining the accuracy of the dreams of expectant mothers. She has worked with other Book Authors, contributing her acknowledged expertise in the interpretation of predictive dreams. Most recently, Jane’s work can be found in Chicken Soup for The Soul, Dreams and Premonitions edition.

Dream Interpretation

When young, Jane had dreams about her own future, the beginning of her extensive and life-long study into interpretive dreaming. She began to see the connection between her understanding of pregnancy dreams and her ultrasound work with obstetrical patients. Research into her patients’ dreams of their unborn children led her to call this previously unexplored topic, “God’s Ultrasound.” She has the gift for being able to make sense of Pregnant Dreams and believes that these dreams are very important for the future health and welfare of the child.

Jane Foley hopes to be able to educate all dreamers who would like to be able to understand their dreams of their unborn babies. Read her guide on calculating the date of conception. If you would like to have insight into your pregnancy dreams, email. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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