Well Water Testing Labs in Grants Pass OR Can Help Keep Families Safe

Well Water Testing Labs in Grants Pass OR Can Help Keep Families Safe

There are numerous current events stories about polluted drinking water, but it can be difficult to determine if a home’s tap water is safe to drink. It’s not always hard to find out-;there’s a significant amount of information available if one knows where to look. Below are some simple tips on becoming a clean-water detective.

Consult the Water Company

For those who don’t have well water, a monthly utility bill is a great place to start the search. Each year, the EPA requires local water agencies to provide consumer confidence reports, which detail contaminants found in water, along with associated health risks. Every agency must provide such a report by July 1, either with the bill or on their website.

Look at the National Database

The Environmental Working Group, a drinking water watchdog agency, maintains a searchable data base of quality reports. Results may be frightening at first, because the agency focuses on chemicals above the “safe limit” along with those exceeding legal limits. The EWG’s tables include unregulated chemicals, which can give customers a more accurate picture of their water quality.

Use the EPA’s Program

Many areas take part in the EPA program called Drinking Water Watch, which provides a database on health hazards, quality violations, and state actions on pollution cleanup and drinking water quality. Simply enter the name of the county, water system or other information and get a detailed water quality report. This can be beneficial if one has well water, or if they’re considering moving and want to evaluate the area’s water quality by hiring well water testing labs in Grants Pass, OR.

Learn a Little Extra About Well Water

When a person’s water comes from a private well rather than a city agency, a little extra research is required. The EPA’s keeping reports on private wells in many areas, but the information can sometimes be spotty. If there’s no report available, contact the appropriate state agency for current information.

Get the Water Tested

There’s no real way to ensure the safety of drinking water, unless it’s tested. Begin by calling the EPA hotline, to be connected to the nearest Well Water Testing Labs Grants Pass OR. Alternatively, the Water Quality Association can put one in touch with an accredited testing company like Nrclabs.com.

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