Curiosu About Safeguards for Wastewater Recycling Houston TX Has in Place?

Are you curious about what happens to the water from the programs for Wastewater Recycling Houston TX has in place? Many people when they hear the term wastewater become squeamish. After all, the water is reclaimed from your residential plumbing systems among other sources. But the incredible advances in technology this past century allow for safe and more sustainable reuse of this valuable natural resource.

Because the practice of water recycling is one that is relatively recent, studies performed by groups like the National Research Council are constantly being performed to ensure potability in cases where water is returned to the drinking supply. One 2012 study found that in fact you’re less at risk of exposure to contaminants and microbes when you drink recycled water!

This is due to years of research and strict monitoring policies. The system of water reclamation involves three phases of basic treatment to remove any biological agents that might be present, ammonia, and other particulates. At this point the reclaimed water is clear and free of any solid debris. It is then treated extensively with chlorine to ensure removal of any human pathogens. And these steps apply to all water being reclaimed; water intended for drinking has to pass through several other phases before it is released.

Companies like Cahaba Water Recycling & Reclamation LLLP use additional purification methods on top of the normal reclamation process when they know that the water will be used for human consumption. Processes like reverse osmosis and UV purification remove bacteria and chemicals from a treated water supply effectively and safely. Even when put to the test with levels of contaminants up to 1000 times those actually experienced in normal use, reverse osmosis has been proven effective

So what does this mean for your community? That the highest measures of safety are ensured in the processes of wastewater recycling in Houston TX employs. In some municipalities, reclaimed water is returned to groundwater aquifers in a process called groundwater recharging. But many Texas communities cut ou the middle man and simply treat the water at water recycling plants then redistribute it back to the public clean and clear and ready to drink! In these circumstances, the water can be stored safely either underground or in tanks, but it’s completely contaminant free and potable when it leaves the facility.

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