Pet Radiology Serviecs in Tempe, AZ Help Diagnose and Treat Animals

by | Jul 4, 2016 | Animal Hospital

Veterinary radiologists perform essentially the same function as their human treating counterparts. Radiologists interpret diagnostic images to make a medical diagnosis of what is wrong. Imaging machines such as CT scans and radiographs can help veterinarians determine the extent of the injury and come up with an appropriate course of treatment.

Pet Radiology Services in Tempe AZ can be helpful in diagnosing everything from broken bones to serious, life-threatening illnesses. These high-tech machines are non-invasive and proven to be both effective and safe. X-ray technology, the first step in a century of innovative advances in diagnostic imaging, has been around for over one hundred years. Producing reliable two-dimensional images of internal systems has allowed veterinarians to diagnose and treat a wide host of problems without added discomfort or stress to your pets. The process is painless, but if your companion animal is prone to anxiety sedation may be necessary.

Because a certain degree of accuracy is required for the x-ray images produced to be diagnostically useful, some pets must be restrained manually as well. Sedation or anesthesia can remove the need for this precaution, allowing correct positioning to be achieved via comfortable foam pads. This may sound extreme, but appropriate positioning is essential to getting useful results. Some pet owners balk at the idea of sedation, but remember: a misdiagnosis because of avoidable excess movement will be more harmful than the negligible side effects of chemical sedation.

Only a trained specialist will be able to interpret the results of Pet Radiology Services in Tempe AZ. He or she can then work with a team of other specialists and your regular veterinarian to determine the best course of action. If your pet or other animal under your care has sustained an injury, taking them to an animal hospital with radiology capabilities can increase the speed and accuracy of diagnosis and ensure timely and appropriate treatment. Of course, a veterinary radiologist comprises only one member of what should be an integrated team devoted to helping your pets. Visit for an introduction to some of the experienced and compassionate veterinarians and animal care specialists in your area. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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