Things to Discuss with Landscape Architects when Putting in Large Focal Pieces in Your Yard in Austin

by | Sep 23, 2014 | Land Surveyors

The landscaping is one of the parts of a home that truly helps make it comfortable. But the real task of landscaping is balancing outdoor function with beauty and maintenance demands. So, there is often a lot of planning that goes into the process. These are some of the things to consider in a landscaping plan.

One of the things to discuss with the Landscape Architects in Austin is the focal point of your yard. For the front, this is a fairly simple discussion about how to maximize the front entrance as the focal point. For the backyard, this discussion maybe more complicated as you may want several different focal points depending on what you want to use the space for. It is important to plan these big items out first before you begin building or accessorizing your yard.

Another thing to discuss is the structures of your focal points. If you have things like a fire pit or a barbecue pit you are planning on having in your yard, then you need to consider is the material you want to use in the yard. This will determine what type of structure is needed for the pieces. This will help determine if the architects have to include extra support if you pick a heavier material such as stone. After all, these structures have to be solid enough to stand up to kids and pets.

The size of the features is another thing to discuss with the Landscape Architects in Austin. After all, you want them to be scaled appropriately to ensure that you have adequate space to enjoy them or work at them. Plus, they have to work within the scale of the rest of the yard so that it doesn’t overwhelm it with that one big piece that you only use it once in awhile.

The task of landscaping your yard can be a bit difficult. While you may know the features you want, getting them into your yard requires careful consideration. After all, you have to think about whether you have the space for everything you want and how to make them look like they are a natural part of your landscaping.

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